Welcome to Mistake Culture

What’s good?! I’m happy that you somehow stumbled through my virtual doorstep. Take a load off. Pull up a damn chair. Want some juice?

While you sip, let me ask you a question. Have you ever been scared shitless to do something?

Yeah, me too. Second, question. Did you do it anyway?

I am. I’ve always loved writing stories. It’s always been my thing. And when I decided to pursue writing I wanted it to stay my thing. So, I’m going the self-publishing route. Yep, I’m…


I’m diving in feet first and I’m sure that I’ll make a ton of mistakes along the way. But here’s the thing about me. I love mistakes.

Well, I’ve learned to love mistakes. Because I rarely get things right on the first try. I’m often knee deep in something before I’m like, Wait. This can’t be right. You know?

But in those mistakes, we gain invaluable knowledge. Mistakes are dope. And I’m excited to make them.

I’ve created this site to get some friends to travel with me along this journey that I’m sure will be chock full of blunders and (I’m hoping) beauty. You down?

My first post on this site (Guide to Not Finishing a Novel) gives a great overview of why I’m here, diving into the blogosphere and the literary community in general. I’m happy you’re here!

Other Stuff: I’m a 32-year-old senior millennial (AARP card’s in the mail) and I currently reside in Brooklyn, NY. Mother to a frenetic twelve-year-old lad and an imaginative four-year-old gal who has been on this earth before and is back to see why we’re still screwing it up. Also, a wife to my wonderful husband who’s pretty much me, in male form.

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