A Single Mom is not a Father

A single mom is not a Dad.  We can stop the, "Happy Father's Day to me because I'm doing it on my own." A single mom is a Mother who is handling the responsibility meant for two people, by herself. This is noble, this deserves respect, and should be celebrated...on Mother's Day.  A Father is… Continue reading A Single Mom is not a Father


So, You Want To Be Married?

Today, I walked past the church where my husband and I got married almost three years ago. The church is beautiful and I fell in love with it the moment I stumbled upon it walking home from work one evening in 2012. I had to get married there. And we did. I sometimes walk past… Continue reading So, You Want To Be Married?


I’m Angry. Delightfully so.

Angry I’m angry. Am I’m delighted. I’ve been chasing anger for miles but it’s always a little faster than me. Always a little farther out. Farther than my resolve.  It was less than a year ago I pulled my co-worker into an empty office. Confused. But she was my confidant because she’d been in this… Continue reading I’m Angry. Delightfully so.