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My first Young Adult Romance Novel “Say When” is available on Wattpad for free! Read and enjoy.

This will be the first book in a trilogy and the inaugural book that I will walk through the self-publishing process. Read now and you could be a part of my pre-launch team! Read and comment. You’re feedback is SO appreciated.

Here’s what it’s about:

What is the cost of finding yourself and when do you know that you’ve paid too much?

High School senior Bridget is living a drab existence. Her only source of excitement is from the prospect of starting a new life in college and leaving the cold walls of her Brooklyn, New York home behind.

With a life consumed by school, laundry, and nursing her mother through her most recent battle with addiction, for Bri, college is the only ticket out. And when the mysterious and arresting Jax enters the picture, it seems that love may be in the cards for her as well.

But when her demanding father threatens her plans for a new life, she may be willing to follow Jax into an illicit world that pulls her farther than even she anticipated. When boundaries are pushed, Bri will have to determine how far she’ll go for her new life and her new love. She only hopes that she’ll know when to say when.

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