Cover Me, I’m Going In

The book is done. Next step is to get a proofreader and/or editor right? Nope! Not for Athena! Almost as soon as I get an idea for a story the image for the cover start to pop in my head. Although writing is black and white the stories are deeply visual. It's impossible for me… Continue reading Cover Me, I’m Going In


I Finished My Novel… But The End is Only the Beginning

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Word Count Joy

I've been closing in on the final chapters of my novel. Sticking to a rigorous writing and editing schedule. My kids have gotten used to seeing my face illuminated by the glow of my laptop screen. Behind the writing though, there's been a constant agonizing over the story and if people will enjoy it--connect with… Continue reading Word Count Joy


Urban Literature // Writing in the Key of Black

As much as I would like to say that my journey as a bookworm started with Dr. Seuss and progressed steadily to Shakespeare, it did not. The truth is, I started reading off reading sugary pre-teen books like The Babysitters Club, Full House (Michelle and Stephanie stories only), and Goosebumps books by the truckload. But… Continue reading Urban Literature // Writing in the Key of Black


Food Writer = Writing While Eating Food

Today it was a cheddar cheese stick and vanilla wafers. Yesterday it was yogurt and granola (heavy on the granola). Other days, I'm shoving heinous amounts of popcorn into my mouth while blessing the world with my gift of storytelling. I'm a Food Writer. It wasn't until recently that I noticed just how much I… Continue reading Food Writer = Writing While Eating Food